Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee à la Sam Han

Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee à la Sam Han.

Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee à la Sam Han.

Fried Hokkien Mee or Sotong Mee is one of our favourite food. I thought I’d post a recipe that I used to cook when my children were younger. I put “Singapore” in front so that those of you from other parts of the world would know this dish is quite uniquely Singapore (the Hokkien Mee in Malaysia is very dark in colour and uses flat noodles). As the name suggest, it should be a Hokkien (dialect) dish. My stock is pork based but you can always substitute the pork with chicken.

This recipe requires some planning ahead of time. Please read through and familiarise the steps before marketing and cooking. Mise en place is important. You can prepare the chilli sauce, stock, prawn, squid and pork in advance (i.e. in the morning or afternoon if you intend this dish for dinner).

This recipe serves 2. Mulitply the recipe by two (no need to multiply for Chilli Sauce, there’ll be more than enough) if cooking for more people but during the stir-frying noodle stage, cook them in batches as in this exact recipe in order to maintain texture.

Fried Hokkien Mee Recipe
Noodles Ingredients:
150g Yellow Noodles (do not rinse, just loosen the noodles when taken out of the package).
150g fresh Coarse Vermicelli, rinse briefly.
250g Beansprouts, tailed and rinse briefly, drain till dry over colandar (can use salad spinner to hasten).
A few stalks of Green Chinese Chives (Ku Chye, the flat type), optional but really fragrant in this dish.
3 cloves Garlic, chopped finely (use garlic press).
1-2 Eggs.
1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce (or Fish Sauce if you like).
White Pepper Powder, a dash or two or to taste.
3 tbsp Vegetable Oil (use Lard if you dare or a combination of both).

1-2 fresh Red Chillies, sliced.
1-2 calamansi Limes, cut off the top so to facilitate squeezing.
1 stalk Cilantro, leafy parts, optional.
Crispy Fried Shallots, optional.

Chilli Sauce: (optional and can be prepared days in advance, stored in airtight container at room temp or in fridge)
100g Chilli Paste (Chilli Bowl).
2 tbsp Tomato Ketchup.
10 Shallots (roughly 40g).
1 tsp Belanchan (from block type).
1 tsp Chilli Powder.
Grind all the ingredients above in an electric blender.
1 tbsp Sugar.
Pinch of Salt.
100ml Oil.

Method for Chilli Sauce:
1. Heat oil in wok over medium heat and fry the ground ingredients till oil is absorbed into the paste. Add sugar and salt, continue stir-frying until oil resurfaced and the colour is darker.

Prawns and Prawn Head Stock:
#I usually reserve the prawn heads when cooking from other dishes that do not require it. I keep them in ziplocks in the freezer and use them for this or Prawn Mee Soup dishes. Anyway, back to the recipe.

250g Medium-sized Prawns.
1. Remove the heads, keeping the shell on body intact.

2. Devein the prawn if necessary by cutting a small slit on back and using toothpick to pick out the dark veins. This is the prawn meat.

3. Rinse the heads well, drain dry. (#If you have kept some like me, use the heads to produce even richer stock, the more the merrier).

4. Heat wok with oil and fry till the prawn heads turn red, crisp and fragrant.

5. Dish out and pound/grind till fine. Add 150ml hot water. Set aside and let it steep. This stock will be mixed into the pork stock later.

Squid, Pork and Rich Stock:
1 medium-large size fresh Squid (Sotong), remove skin and roe if any. Rinse well and leave whole.
1 slice of Pork Belly about 100g with skin, leave whole.
450ml Water, add more if necessary during cooking but keep the end result at *125ml rich stock.
½ tsp Salt.
½ tsp Chicken Granules, optional (this may contain msg).

1. Put everything (except squid and pork belly) in a stockpot and bring to the boil.

2. Once water is boiling, put in the whole squid and let boil till cooked about 2 minutes. Remove squid, cut into rings when cooled.

3. Cook the pork belly in the same water for about 15 minutes. Cool and then slice into thin strips.

4. Put in the prawn meat into the same water and cook till the prawns curled. Take out and peel off the shells, leaving the tail-end shell of prawn intact (see pic 2). Set aside to cool.

Final Stock:
Combine the prawn head stock with this Squid and Pork Stock and simmer with lid over medium low heat for 30 minutes until you have *125ml rich stock in the end. Strain the stock and set aside.

At last, we have come to the woking stage, phew! Do you have the traditional iron wok? Lol… that’s why this dish is best eaten outside! Well, I used to have one and a huge one at that. A new iron wok needs to be “seasoned/cleansed” with fire until the whole wok literally turned glowing red. I knew a chef in a Chinese Restaurant and he did that cleansing ritual for me. That is how we achieve wok hei or the breath of wok in our food besides the strong heat. Still, this recipe is worth a try, at your own risk 😉

Stir-frying The Noodles:
1. Place 2 tbsps oil in wok and heat till hot over high heat, add the eggs and scramble them.

2. Add beansprouts and stir once, add both noodles and 1 tbsp rich stock, stir and cover the wok with lid for 2 minutes.

3. Add the sliced pork, squid and prawns, and cover the wok for 2 minutes, turn down to low heat.

4. Uncover wok, turn up heat to high again. Stir and push ingredients to one side of the wok.

5. In the centre of wok, add 1 tbsp of oil then add minced garlic and stir-fry within the oil pool till lightly golden.

6. Push noodles back into the centre of wok to combine with garlic. Add the light soy and ladle in more or less the rest of the stock (depending on how “wet” you want your noodles to be).

7. Toss everything well, add chives, dish out into a serving platter.

8. Garnish with cilantro, crispy shallots and serve with lime, red cut chillies and chilli sauce.

See this photo for reference on 1. Prawns (tail-end shell intact). 2. The julienned Pork Belly and 3. how to cut the lime.

See this photo for reference on
1. Prawns (tail-end shell intact).
2. The julienned Pork Belly and
3. how to cut the lime.

Happy cooking 😀

P.S. It’s a lot of hard work so involve the whole family. Have fun chatting in the kitchen.

Pictures are from hawkers that I ate before not from my cooking 😀

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