Hair For Hope 2013

Remember my friend Paul whom I said was quite hands on in charity work? After phototaking for his friend and son, and shavees at the event, Paul went to the wall where the queue was. In Paul’s own words, “The queue was so long… They told me they had to close the queue. Haiz… my hair is intact.”

In fact, Paul had asked me the day before (I’d just got back from Shoon Fa in Johor Bahru, Malaysia) if I would go to the event to take some shots of him being shaved but I was already engaged in another event. Next year Paul, it will be my pleasure to take your photos. I do not think I have the courage to shave bald. Women my age share the same view (perhaps not for the few courageous and exceptional ones), “Have white hair is better than no hair.” Hair is a touchy and big subject, and a “bad hair day” can determine a woman’s (teenagers, both genders included) temperament for the day.

Please click on the galleries below to see Paul’s contributions.
The courageous one:

A beautiful act:

Regardless of race, language or religion: People of all ages, from all walks of life, showing their support financially and in active participation.

Support and understanding from family and friends plays a big part for the shavees, too.

Support and understanding from family and friends played a big part for the shavees.

Hair for Hope is in its 11th year running this 2013.

Hair for Hope is in its 11th year running this 2013.

Then on Sunday, I saw Anthony posting his shaven head with the caption, “Bye bye hair gel n shampoo… haha”. He was making a bald statement! What made him do it?

Scrolling down through his page, I saw Anthony psyching himself and fellow shavees, “14 hours more to my shave… mixed feelings. Friends, I need your support!” and then “Good Saturday to all! Hair For Hope pals (names mentioned), please arrive at least 1 hour earlier to register. The queue is crazy today. I will be there at 10am tomorrow. See ya!” and last posting before the leap, “Finally, the bald day is here!” It was good that his fiancée, Sharon, stood by him all the way. She posted on her wall, “Come and support my darling” and “I’m proud of you!” Anthony went on to say, “Compared to women (who got their heads shaved), we guys are nothing.”

Bye bye hair gel n shampoo... haha!

Anthony Tan
Bye bye hair gel n shampoo… haha!
Now heading to Malay barber for skinhead.. not well shaved today.

Anthony was kind enough to grant me an insight on his participation. He wrote:

On 28th July 2013, a bright sunny Sunday morning, I participated my first shave for Children Cancer Foundation’s event, Hair For Hope.

The people who inspired me to participate in the event included a dear female colleague and a close friend from reservist. However, the young patients the cause hopes to serve, is the main motivation for my participation.

I am not able to help them much financially, but my sincere wish is that my act, when broadcasted to my social circle, will increase awareness for the foundation and garner more help for the young patients. These young kids suffer through injections, endless medications, and loss of hair (chemotherapy), freedom and fun in their struggle to survive. Having to shave my head is the least of my worries… the least I could do to show my support.

These bright young children, the future of Singapore, are unfairly deprived of their childhood and opportunity to shine. They stay at home taking medicine and being confined to bedrest while other luckier, healthy kids are out playing and having fun. What makes matters worse is that some ignorant parents go as far as asking their kids to avoid the children with cancer, treating them like aliens and refusing them friendship.

Another consideration to be made is for the parents of the children with cancer who spend every cent of their earnings on the medication for the kids. If you were in either the parent’s or the sick children’s shoes, would you be able to endure and live through their hardship? Not everyone can.

At the event, even before shaving, I was amazed and proud of the many Singaporeans, even teenage girls with long locks (who are often stereotyped as vain or superficial) willing to show their support by participating. Salutation to them!

I was soon called to the stage and within minutes, all my hair was gone! My head felt so light and airy… Haha… I proudly held up a “V” sign to pose for photos for the event photographer and my fiancée. Sharon supported my decision to shave from the start, despite it being but a few months to our marriage registration in November. I feel extremely fortunate to have friends and loved ones who support my act. Their support made my contribution all the more meaningful. 

I hope that through this event, more people will contribute either financially, or through volunteerism, and that Singaporeans will continue to show care and support to the young patients instead of treating them as different.

Yours Sincerely,
Anthony Tan
Hair for Hope 2013 participant.

Sharon, "Come support my darling. I am proud of you!"

Sharon stands by her man, Anthony.
“I am proud of you!”

A picture paints 1000 words.

A picture paints 1000 words.
Skinhead is the final product.
Kudos, Anthony!

Hair for Hope is Children’s Cancer Foundation signature fundraising event – the only head-shaving event in Singapore that serves to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer.

Every shaven head in Hair for Hope represents the understanding by an individual of the ordeals that a child with cancer is subjected to. By volunteering to shave, shavees become CCF ambassadors in helping to raise awareness of childhood cancer among their family and friends. It also provides an opportunity to garner support from the public in the form of donations.

Mascot Will.

Mascot Will.

Mascots Will and Hope.

Mascots Will and Hope.

Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit organisation with a mission of improving the quality of lives of children with cancer and their families through enhancing their emotional, social and medical well-being.

Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit organisation with a mission of improving the quality of lives of children with cancer and their families through enhancing their emotional, social and medical well-being.

Click on photo to learn what Hair for Hope is about.

Click on photo to learn what Hair for Hope is about.

For more information on CCF please click here.

12 Responses to “Hair For Hope 2013”
  1. Janet Rörschåch says:

    WOW! What a fantastic event and so many participated. I will admit, for a moment, I thought the video was of you getting your hair shaved off…

    • Sam Han says:

      Hi Janet, if I am courageous enough, perhaps next year. For now, I shall try to be event photographer in charity whenever they are willing to use me 🙂 Kudos to ALL partcipants! My hat’s off to them.

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    Great cause. Here they have a similar event but one option instead of shaving it all off is to colour your hair instead.

  3. Sofia says:

    This is very inspiring Sam! I don’t think I have the courage either, but what a courageous girl out there, well done to her!

  4. Jessica says:

    Wow! This is amazing, Sam! What generosity… I don’t think I could do it. After my rock-climbing accident I had to cut my hair REALLY short, and it took FOREVER for it to grow back out… But this is for a great cause. I think all guys should do it!!! Hahaha. No, seriously. Cheers to all of these amazing individuals.

    • Sam Han says:

      Yes the courage and sacrifice for things some thought as superficial such as hair, it is A LOT to ask of any woman and teenagers, not forgetting some men who particularly treasure theirs too. 🙂

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