Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉

Gordon Ramsay (GR) left the country and left me in a dismal. I did not managed to get through the gates so don’t talk about giving him a hug and kiss as Benny had asked. That was 3 Sundays ago. I’m still licking my wounds. Writing this post on what I ate that morning before going to GR’s event, I realised how far behind I was. Procastination is a dangerous attitude. So you see I’m playing catch up now!

I met KC in Chinatown Singapore, where he told me I could get some nice tasting CCF (Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉, literally translate to “Pig’s Intestine Noodle”). He said Chinatown Food Centre embodies the best food Singapore has to offer. Admittedly, I have never been to Chinatown Food Centre in my entire life and as a Singaporean, I must have missed out a lot!


This lady was such a darling. Initially, we had bought 3 plates of CCF from her and was taking some food pictures of it. She came later with one more that was quite well plated (see comment in picture below).
I guess she was interested in how her food would be presented although she didn’t know I’ll be blogging about it. She was also concerned that our plates of CCF had gone cold while we took pictures.
In the end, we bought 5 plates from her. She wanted to charge us for 3 plates only but I insisted on paying full price thanking her for her kindness. KC was amused she wanted to give me 40% discount.


Economic Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉 is different from those we eat in a dim sum shop. For S$1 a plate, the rice rolls have thicker sheets than the “higher” class or Hong Kong version we usually get in restaurants, where translucency of the dish is preferred.


KC said there were two stalls originally but we couldn’t locate the stall KC wanted so we settled for Shang Hai Chee Cheong Fen. Let’s do the taste test. Here, I have Chee Cheong Fun (猪肠粉) with 3 different types of fillings – Dried Shrimps (蝦米腸), Charsiu (叉燒腸) and Mushrooms (香菇).


Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉 drenched with sweet sauce soaking in the flavours.


Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉 with 3 different fillings.
Yarrrrrrrrrm. I had 3 plates of CCF while KC had 2. So I guess the taste passed with flying colours. Either that or I’m plain hungry 🙂


This was the CCF that was plated more carefully by the vendor.


Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉 with Charsiew (BBQ Pork) filling.


Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉 with Charsiew (BBQ Pork) filling.

Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉

Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉 with Mushroom filling.


Have you eaten Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉 before?
They are thin rolls of rice noodles made from wide strips of shahe fen (沙河粉). In Singapore, Chee Cheong Fun (猪肠粉) is usually served with a dark thick sauce called tim jiong (甜酱), probably a variation of hoisin sauce, and a dollop of chilli paste, sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds. Chee Cheong Fun (猪肠粉) is a popular breakfast food in Singapore.

Happy food hunting 🙂

Shang Hai Chee Cheong Fun
Address: 335 Smith Street,
Chinatown Complex Food Centre.

10 Responses to “Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉”
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Had similar for lunch yesterday. 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m glad at least you had a good time with KC. Gotta keep a smile on that pretty face of yours!!! And celebrities are overrated, anyway… Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

    • Sam Han says:

      Met up with my girlfriends for lunch today and we had a wonderful time catching up (haven’t seen them for years!) Hope you are having a swell time too 😀

  3. BeWithUs says:

    My lovable mom would always buy them in a shop called “Molly” (10 in a pack) and she would concoct her own sauce whenever we ran out of the actual sweet sauce…LOL…

    Cheers! 😀

    • Sam Han says:

      Is it Aunt Molly in Hougang?
      And it is great that your mom knows how to concoct her own sauce 😀

      • BeWithUs says:

        ヽ(´▽`)/ Bingo!! You’ve been there before?

        There are pros and cons lah…at times, when the sauce is really nice…and we requested for the same sauce and she would forget all about the proportion or ingredient for that…LOL…

        • Sam Han says:

          Yes, I went there (Molly’s) a couple of weeks ago. It’s high time you record your mom’s recipe. I have a girlfriend who’s mom cook in “agak agak” style and couldn’t cook when people are croding around her so she video taped her mom’s cooking. 🙂

          • BeWithUs says:

            Hmmm…video taping…as according to my understanding of my lovable mom…her eyes would be fixed onto the camera rather than her cooking…LOL…maybe, I will try using a hidden camera…hehehe…

            Thank you for the suggestion, my friend! Cheers~ 😀

  4. Chinese style rice cannelloni…..

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