Kiwi Baker In Singapore – Baker & Cook

I have been missing Aussie style breakfast. In short, I miss Melbourne. The lazy weekends with Ray and “life threatening” cycling episodes to suburban areas in search of brunch. Those were the days, not too long ago but it seemed faded now…

Baker & Cook

Passion is the main ingredient used in this artisan bakery by Dean Brettschneider.

You cannot imagine my happiness when I arrived at Baker & Cook last Saturday morning at 7am. Yes, you heard it right! 7am for a nocturnal creature such as I is quite miraculous, it’s the time I would normally start to feel drowsy and head on to bed 😉

Kay wanted to go for breakfast after a morning walk but I was too lazy. We scratched that plan and headed to Hillcrest where breakfast starts at 7am. We were the first customers I think (no sight of any dine in customers but not too sure if any had come earlier for take away). Parking in this luxurious neighbourhood was already proving to be a challenge at this hour but we managed to get a “parking lot” along the small road.

Baker & Cook

Alfresco seatings outing.

As I alighted the car and went onto the path of the al fresco patio, I could already sniffed the beer-like scent of active yeasts fermenting from rising loaves waiting to be baked coming through the kitchen’s air vent. I’m on the other side of the wall but my mind was displaying images from a baking scene back when I was learning breadmaking in BITC.

After a few days of improper diet and missing Aussie big brekkies, the entrance into the artisan bakery made me wanted to order one of everything in sight. The smell for one thing was heady!

Baker & Cook

Muffins here are a little more dainty in size compared to Aussie and NZ I supposed but that means there’s room to order more goodies.

Baker & Cook

Flaky Danish Pastries on display – I have already marked one I want to eat later, when I’ll be having my latte.

Baker & Cook

Let’s take a look at the magic!

They have almost everything you can name of, even gluten free goodies. Click on the pictures for bigger view.

I’m famish! Here’s what I ate 😉

Baker & Cook

All day brunch – Eggs Benedict.

Baker & Cook

2 poached eggs served on toasted Pain Miche Bread topped with hollandaise sauce and a hint of balsamic glaze & chilli oil.
There’s a choice of Crispy Bacon and Smoked Salmon.
I had Smoked Salmon.

Kay said, "Look up and have a pic before you dig in".

Kay said, “Look up and have a pic before you dig in”.

Baker & Cook

So I looked up and smile but you must understand why I was in such a hurry…

Baker & Cook

I was in a hurry because the running yolks won’t wait up!

Say "Coffeeeeeeeeeeee"

Say “Coffeeeeeeeeeeee”.

What's breakfast without caffeine?

What’s breakfast without caffeine? It’s Allpress!

Latte would be boring if not for Strawbeery Cream Fruit Tart.

Latte would be boring if not for Strawberry Cream Fruit Tart.

Baker & Cook

Strawberry Cream Fruit Tart.

Baker & Cook

Fresh fruits, light cream and not overly sweet. I had this all by myself and you can’t blame me.

Baker & Cook

Wait a minute… What’s behind the tart?

Aha! I got sunshine in my hand :)

Aha! I got sunshine in my hand 🙂

Baker & Cook

Deluxe Raspberry Macaron.

Baker & Cook

What’s this boy doing outside?
Which reminded me I have unfinished business inside.

Baker & Cook

So I got back inside…

Baker & Cook

Got into the queue again…

Started to snoop around while waiting to place my next order.

Started to snoop around while waiting to place my next order.

Baker & Cook

Savoury Pizza, very tempted to have a slice but like I said earlier I had in mind something from the Danish…

Baker & Cook

Pain Au Chocolat.
A little disappointed when comparing to the one I had at Chez Dré, South Melbourne.
The chocolate here was miserly.
The Danish Pastry itself was good but too little chocolate so…

Baker & Cook

I made the pastry more happening with this delicious Raspberry Jam…

Baker & Cook

Baker & Cook Pte Ltd.

Baker & Cook Pte Ltd – Flagship shop in Singapore.

Dean Brettschneider’s resume:

Dean Brettschneider apprenticed at the award-winning Rangiora Bakery in North Canterbury, New Zealand, and won the NZ Apprentice of the Year award while working there in 1988. Always an achiever, he had won the Young Male Sports Achiever prize — a trip to Holland — from the Federation of New Zealand Netherlands Societies a year earlier.

He travelled and learnt in Europe for three years after qualifying, gaining experience in a wide range of establishments from prestige hotels and artisan bakeries, to supermarket in-house bakeries.

Returning to New Zealand he worked for Ernest Adams, a large Christchurch plant bakery, in research and development. In 1991 he attended the American Institute of Baking in Kansas, USA, to complete in-depth research and development in the production of frozen dough.

He then moved on to teach at the New Zealand Baking Training Centre in Christchurch, and two years later bought a small artisan craft bakery, Windsor Cakes, in Dunedin, New Zealand. He ran Windsor Cakes successfully for three and a half years and won many national baking awards while there.

Dean joined Goodman Fielder Milling & Baking New Zealand Ltd (Champion Flour) in 1996 as National Technical Support Manager, Bakery. His responsibilities included new product development, test bakery and QA procedures, customer and sales team training, and key account liaison.

He travelled to Europe regularly to learn and teach, and wrote articles for bakery publications including Australian Bakers Magazine, British Baker, Hospitality, and FMCG magazine. It was while with Goodman Fielder that Dean also co-authored his first two books.

From 2003 to 2010, Dean held the position of Technical Account Manager, Asia-Pacific region, for BakeMark International.

Dean has his own bakery brand ‘Global Baker – Dean Brettschneider’ and his product range appears in SLICE Delicatessen & Artisan Bakery in Shanghai, owned by internationally celebrated chef, David Laris of the prestigious Laris Restaurant.

In 2009 he opened his first micro artisan bakery:

Baker & Spice, Shanghai, China

In 2012 he opened two new artisan bakery, cafe and foodstores:

Baker & Cook, Singapore

Working in Asia, the USA, Britain and Europe as well as in New Zealand, Dean has earned many accolades and awards in bakery competitions and exhibitions. Dean makes numerous public appearances in New Zealand and internationally running baking classes and workshops for both professional and home cooks.

He was featured guest baker at the famous Epicurean Workshop in Auckland, and recently worked with British celebrity chef Rick Stein, teaching a special baking skills course for staff and public participants at Rick Stein’s business in Cornwall.

He is a qualified teacher, a judge for the New Zealand Baker of the Year awards, and moderates all bakery Trade Certificate examinations in New Zealand.

Since 2010, Dean has appeared as joint judge and baking mentor in three seasons of the successful TV3 and Food TV series, New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker:

He has appeared on many other TV shows and radio programmes including The Sugar Club, Kiwi Baker in Shanghai, Kiwi Baker in Singapore, Kiwi Baker in France, Taste New Zealand, Live This, 5:30 Live, Prime TV, and the Kim Hill programme on Radio NZ.

In 2013, Dean signed with Limelight Celebrity Management:

He has written regular columns for the New Zealand Bakers Journal, Hospitality magazine, and FMCG, and gives presentations and demonstrations in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Read more about Dean here.

The menu is ordinary, any cafe can have the same items. But what’s impressive (therefore, extraordinary) is the service and passion of this establishment. They take pride in details. They love what they do. And that my friend makes all the difference in world!

I feel so lucky that Dean opened not one but two bakeries (both ideal locations near my house) here in Singapore. They called him the global baker. I’ll just add passionate in front 😉

By the time I’m done with brekkie, throngs of Saturday morning brunch seekers were seen munching away. You bet I’ll be returning over and over again!

Click here for Allpress Coffee.

Click here for Global Baker.

Baker & Cook Pte Ltd
77 Hillcrest Road,
288951 Singapore.

Phone: +65 6469 8834.

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday – 7am to 8pm
Friday to Saturday – 7am to 10pm

Baker & Cook – Martin Road
38A Martin Road #01-01,
Singapore 239072.

Phone: +65 6636 5865.

Opening hours:
Sun to Thurs: 8am – 6pm
Fri to Sat: 8am – 6pm.

Happy brunching 🙂

7 Responses to “Kiwi Baker In Singapore – Baker & Cook”
  1. Janet Rörschåch says:

    Sam, how stunning. It’s so great that you take so many photos. It really does put me right in the middle of it. You take the pictures at my height too! That raspberry macaron, GORGEOUS!

    • Sam Han says:

      Lol… Janet, I had to read twice. You mentioned taking pics at your height and my mind speed read macaron – “surely you aren’t the table’s height”, kekeke… 😉 I managed to take a lot of pics coz there’s no one I’d be a nuisance to since Kay and I was the first customers at that time. 😀

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