Wake Up To The Smell Of Ambience!

W Hotel Sentosa1©BondingTool

We’re heading east… follow me 🙂

W Hotel Sentosa2©BondingTool

Sentosa Cove is one of the most coveted residential address in Sentosa Island, Singapore.

W Hotel Sentosa3©BondingTool

Lush grenery lined the road leading to the playground of global jetsetters and locals alike.

W Hotel Sentosa4©BondingTool

World renowned W (by Starwood Hotels and Resort and yes that SUV is a porsche).

W Hotel Sentosa5©BondingTool

Baby, you can “drive my car” 😉

W Hotel Sentosa6©BondingTool

Luxurious residences overlooking the deep water yachting marina – ONE° Fifteen.

W Hotel Sentosa7©BondingTool

Like I said, lunch was fufilling but I could not be pacified until I’ve had my coffee!

W Hotel Sentosa8©BondingTool

WET but not wild… YET!

W Hotel Sentosa9©BondingTool


W Hotel Sentosa10©BondingTool

Tall Black for him and Cappuccino for moi.

W Hotel Sentosa11©BondingTool

Perks me up every time!

W Hotel Sentosa12©BondingTool

I don’t take sugar with my coffee but I like to wave them like wands in my hand.
I’m crazy like that! It’s caffeine withdrawal symptom.

W Hotel Sentosa13©BondingTool

I was undecisive; a skinny latte, a regular roast or… I needed something chirpy.
Foam in my cuppa and milk moustache seemed great on a lazy rainy mid day of mid week.

W Hotel Sentosa14©BondingTool

C is for cookie and this cookie was for me.

W Hotel Sentosa15©BondingTool

W Hotel – ideally positioned for high octane entertainment and pulsating watersports, located on the Sentosa Island is definitely the playground for global jetsetters and locals alike. I’m in between WET and SKIRT at the moment 😉

We had finished a very decent lunch but something was ngawing at me! I was fidgeting in the car when Al asked, “Coffee?” That’s it!!! That’s what was bothering me. Remember I can take up to 16 cups a day and I haven’t had any that day. Let’s go Al!

Al said, since it’s a rainy Wednesday, let’s go to some place starting with W….




Because it’s a Wet day.

Right! I have lame friends, but they are my friends… my refuge. Whenever I think I’m going crazy, I can count on them acting more insane. Welcome to the madhouse 😉

W Hotel Singapore
Sentosa Cove
Address: 21 Ocean Way
Singapore 098374.
Tel: +65 6808 7288

Happy jetsetting 🙂

P.S. WET is the poolside bar serving the notorious W Burger, a Wagyu beef burger served with hand-cut chili cheese fries and house-made mustard dill pickles.

SKIRT is a contemporary grill restaurant famous for dry aged Tajima Wagyu grade 5/6 ribeye and steaks over parilla. W Hotel’s Skirt procure quality meat from several beef farms around the world.

12 Responses to “Wake Up To The Smell Of Ambience!”
  1. Mmm. Wagyu ribeye 🙂

  2. lignumdraco says:

    16 cups of coffee a day? Do you ever sleep?

    Great photos.

  3. Jessica says:

    Wow! Lovely place and photos! Looks amazing. I want to go… Hope I can make it to Singapore someday and you can show me around. 😀 Also, I know what you mean about needing your coffee! I’m the same way. 🙂

  4. Hey, you got a dot com. Congratulations! 🙂

  5. liked the picture of you “unpacified”. Can now see clearly what a formidable woman you are 😉 Pity any waiter that gives you bad service.

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