Do Not Sneeze At Ah Chew Desserts

Old streets I have walked...

Old streets I have walked…

Ah Chew Desserts

Ah Chew Desserts.

Continuation from yesterday’s post…

Meng loves old stuff and that includes old signage or anything resembling old. I guess he is comfortable food hunting with me because he deems me an antique. But that’s alright as I term anything above 21 years old as officially an antique 😉 Going back on track, Meng spotted an old signage which attracted him but it was the crowd outside the shop that got my attention. Coincidentally, both of us made a mental note to come back for dessert later.

Ah Chew Desserts

The crowd was so relentless I overheard a staff complaining that the more tables he “open”, the more the throng thrives.
They can’t cope up!

Ah Chew Desserts

I’m having two desserts! Jealous yet? Alright alright, I hear you… just half and half 😉

Ah Chew Desserts

Grass Jelly with Mixed Fruits – S$4.20.

I wanted the hot Bubur Hitam with Coconut Milk but they ran out. The alternative is the cold version that was actually served at room temperature with a dollop of Vanilla Ice Cream and some Almond Flakes. It was my first time eating this dessert in this style and I must say I like it very much.

Ah Chew Desserts

Cold Bubur Hitam (Sweet Black Rice aka Black Glutinous Rice) with Vanilla Ice Cream – S$3.50.

Ah Chew Desserts

The variety of desserts they serve here are aplenty.

Ah Chew Desserts

I repeat! Meng likes old stuff…

Ah Chew Desserts

And that includes Door!

I like open doors. They remind me of the saying, “You never know when the door of opportunity is going to open wide.” And when opportunity comes a knocking, I am ready to receive it with a big smile grin 😀

Our bill totalled S$7.70.

Our bill totalled S$7.70.

Best sellers – Mango Sago and Pomelo.
Healthy choices – Hashma boiled in Red Dates Soup, Ginko Barley and Bean Curd Skin which has beautifying and rejuvenating qualitites.
Local favourites – Black Sesame Paste, Peanut Paste and Pulot Hitam.
Some of the recommendations include: Rock sugar White Fungus with Papaya ($2.50), Red Bean Paste with Lily Bulb ($1.80), Mango Sago and Pomelo ($3.80), Yam with Sago ($2.00), and Fresh Milk Steam Egg with Red Bean ($3.00).

On my next trip, I want to try the Yam with Sago and Fresh Milk Steam Egg.

Ah Chew Desserts
#01-11, Liang Seah Place,
1 Liang Seah Street.
Singapore 189022.
Tel: 63398198.
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 12.30pm – 11.30pm Sat, Sun & PH 1.30pm – 11.30pm

Closest MRT Station: Bugis

Happy eating 🙂

7 Responses to “Do Not Sneeze At Ah Chew Desserts”
  1. Peter Archbold says:

    I love these kind of dessert places I always find it hard to decide between pulut hitam and the steamed egg pudding with ginger

  2. lignumdraco says:

    That’s a lot of desserts on the menu!

  3. Damn you’re lucky girl…
    i really love black sticky rice porridge, we ued to called this bubur ketan hitam….

  4. Jessica says:

    Looks lovely. Although I’m not so sure about grass jelly?!

    • Sam Han says:

      not the grass we lay on. a Chinese herb actually. velvety smooth in the BlackBall version, this is the usual one which has a slight crunch. 🙂

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