Shell We Dine? – Jumbo Seafood Waterfront

 “Is your dinner appointment tonight?”
“Nope, it’s tomorrow.”
“In that case, wanna eat crab?”
“Yes, of course, I want :)”

IMG_9909©BondingToolThe last time I was inside the Indoor Stadium was before the turn of the century (late 90’s) to catch the musical, Les Misérables.

IMG_9910©BondingToolJumbo equals Award Winning Chilli Crab.

IMG_9911©BondingToolWe made reservations for 7.30pm but ran a little late. Luckily, it was a Wednesday evening and Jumbo was not running a full house – although the restaurant itself seemed crowded with only a couple of free tables, there were more available outside.

IMG_9912©BondingToolWe chose alfresco dining as we could enjoy the night breeze and this waterfront view of Kallang River, the longest river in Singapore. Kallang River flows from Lower Pierce Reservoir to the coast at Nicoll Highway stretching about 10 kilometers.

IMG_9919©BondingToolCan you read the last English sentence in the middle of the menu? “JUMBO. Bonding people through food.” Lol… Keef said, “Hey, did you copy that?” Wow! They too think food is a tool for bonding people. Looks like it’s gonna be a crab party for me tonight 😀

IMG_9918©BondingToolA good mix of local and foreign diners enjoying the fresh seafood.

IMG_9915 These utensils are crab tools and they are available on every table so you are expected to order crab. People come here to eat crabs!

IMG_9931©BondingTool Can you guess what we are having for our first course?

IMG_9939©BondingTool It can be eaten sashimi style or “self-cook” (D.I.Y.) in the rich stock provided in the claypot. Dipping sauce is wasabi and shoyu.

IMG_9948©BondingTool Geoduck – a clam that looks like the trunk of an elephant. This clam is seasonal pricing. So enquire the weight and how much $ per kilo before committing to the dish.

IMG_9964©BondingTool Shimeji mushrooms, scallions and ginger slices in this rich chicken broth makes the scalding liquid for “Self cook style” but doubled up as soup for me 🙂

KeefBD1©BondingTool The Geoduck Clam was definitely fresh as it was alive and only just out of the tank after we’ve ordered it.
The texture of geoduck is slightly crunchy with a clean bite. It does not have the “rubbery” feel of most shellfish. It is best eaten raw sashimi style, quick swish in hot stock or if you prefer, stir-fry with X.O. sauce.. Unless the clam is already dead and no longer fresh, it is difficult to find fault when cooked in the former manner.



IMG_9968©BondingToolThis is the infamous Singapore Chilli Crab. Bottled tomato ketchup and bottled chilli sauce were added to the fried crabs in the 1950s by a housewife who later turned it into a push cart business and subsequently seafood restaurant. In 1960s, other restaurants started to modify and add significance to their own version of chill crabs. Some of the ingredients are sambal, chilli paste, vinegar, lemon juice, tomato paste, egg ribbons to make the sauce spicier and richer in taste.

IMG_9967©BondingToolMop up the gravy with these Zha Mantou (Fried Mini Buns).

IMG_9969I prefer Singapore Chilli Crab to Malaysian Style but their Butter Crab is a knockout.



IMG_9979Eating crabs are messy business but here at Jumbo, they are definitely worth the trouble! The semi thick sauce is sweet and not overpoweringly spicy. The spices, sauces and seasonings are well balanced. The dish was finger licking good and we finished everything, including mopping up the gravy with the fried buns.


KeefBD5©BondingToolBoth the Mee Goreng and Chilli Crab came around the same time and we had the crab first.

KeefBD3©BondingTool Mee Goreng – Chinese fried seafood noodles with Malay influence.

IMG_9986©BondingTool No Chinese birthday dinners are complete without a noodle dish. Noodles by nature of its length symbolises longevity. In a Cantonese restaurant, we usually order Yee Fu Mien(伊府面)  as Longevity Noodles(长寿面) but in a seafood restaurant, Seafood Mee Goreng is the obvious choice. At Jumbo, the noodles were a tad too sweet but overall, I still enjoyed it. The only more serious complain about this dish was the seafood – 1) alkaline soaked prawns used – I think this batch has been soaked too long they were lousy in taste and texture and 2) the squid was too soft without any “chew”. This is a Seafood restaurant and I want to have fresh good seafood even when they are not the main course. The seafood should be fresh whether in fried rice, noodles or vegetables.


Jumbo has been established since 1987 and to date has 6 restaurants around the island. Click here to sign up for member’s benefits and start enjoying the delicious seafood.

Our birthday boy, Keef rated the food 7 out of 10.

Jumbo Seafood Waterfront
Address: 2 Stadium Walk
Singapore 397691
Phone:(+65) 6440 3435
Transit: Stadium

Our bill, before govt. tax 10% and GST 7%, came up to:
Geoduck S$148
Chilli Crab S$50
Mee Goreng S$12
Mini Bun Deep-fried (4pcs) S$2
Chinese Tea S$2.40

Happy birthday, Keef!
6th March 2013.

Happy eating 🙂

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  1. thenerdyscribe says:

    Hi! Just to let you know the article I found out about the Ikea cake is true according to the NBC news app. Love your post about crab! 🙂

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