The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector Did this photograph in any way made you think I had been invited to dine with Hannibal Lecter? Lol…

Tulang1 Associated with the Indian Muslim community, Sup Tulang or Bone Marrow Soup is a dish made up of mutton bones, of course, together with spices like fenugreek, cardamon pods, cinnamon, ginger, cumin, coriander seeds, chillies to name a few. The spicy red stew is prized for the marrow contained in the bones.  Many of my Malaysian friends head south whenever they have their cravings as this dish is uniquely Singapore. Sup Tulang is believed to have been unwittingly created by Mr. Abdul Kadir in the 1950s. He originally used the bone marrows to make soup for his soup noodle dish and upon a regular customer’s request, served the boiled bone marrows as a side dish. His son revolutionised the dish by making it into a fiery red spicy and sweet stew which has been simmered for no lesser than 5 hours. Further modification to the stew by other stallholders in various parts of Singapore are found flavoured with more variety of spices, tomatoes and stirred egg ribbons. Raw cabbages are also sprinkled on the dish. They are usually eaten as is or with cubed French loaves to mop up the gravy. I like to eat mine with roti paratha, an Indian bread cooked in oiled griddle.

IMG_9565Every Sup Tulang lover knows the price to pay: your hands, lips and cheeks will be heavily stained by the delicious gravy and it may take a couple of wash before they are rid of. And seasoned diners know NEVER to wear white and to have loads of tissue napkins already opened up on the table. DO NOT sit where the wind is strong or near the fan especially when the dish is served on flimsy styrofoam plates. An accident resulting from the fan blowing the plate onto you is most horrendous as you can imagine. This is 1000% messy dish! Ros here is trying to keep as clean as possible knowing my camera is snapping away at him but in the end, nobody who ate this dish ever escape the red stained lips and fingers.



IMG_9574Some suck it with a straw and some deftly knock the bone on the plate to coax the marrow out. May suck it with her mouth and then knock the marrow out.

IMG_9580 All the trouble for this gooey blob.

Tulang4The bones were sucked cleaned but Ros thought they should be drizzled with some gravy to enhance my photos which I fervidly yelled “No…”  but too late and nobody wants to stain their hands again so here we have gravied marrow free bones 😦

IMG_9577May and Ros – my friends and gracious Sup Tulang models. This is what real foodie friends do for you – they get their hands dirty! 🙂


Although we had this Sup Tulang at Newton Food Centre…

I prefer to eat at
Shah Alam Restaurant
Address: 20 Circular Rd
Singapore 049376.
Phone: 6536 1672
Transit: Clarke Quay

Happy knocking 🙂

2 Responses to “The Bone Collector”
  1. Soo Tempting to join the party.,and the bones..Cheers.jalal

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