Time to Iron

Time for Ironing As I said yesterday, in my excitement, I had gone to Keef‘s thinking we were going to have Lok Lok for lunch. Keef already had his lunch by the time I arrived but he had a packet of mee goreng (fried noodles Indian Muslim style) in his freezer. He offered to heat it in the microwave while I pan-fry some Chinese chives pancakes which we bought earlier this week when shopping for Shaoxing Chicken and Nai Pak Choy ingredients at Parkway Parade. I hope dinner comes soon… when Ding! the bell from the microwave sounded and brought me to reality and burnt chives pancakes. “Don’t fret,” Keef comforted, “when my waffle iron come, I’ll make and let you taste the first batch.”

IMG_9347©BondingToolI think I burnt my chives pancake a little, oh well, quite a lot.

page02©BondingToolMee Goreng Mamak Style from Indian Muslim Stalls.

IMG_9358©BondingTool Thai Spicy Fish Cakes, Chinese Chives Pancakes and One odd ball “Ang Moh” Samosa with Salsa filling.

IMG_9361©BondingToolYuzu Juice – so refreshing and thirst quenching on a hot humid day like today!

016-IMG_9376Don’t know the name but this plate of Chinese spiral cookies has a fermented beancurd ingredient in it, Keef said.

017-IMG_9387Keef’s plot of bamboo plants where the birds made nest.

018-IMG_9388What’s that?

page03©BondingTool“Ding Dong!”… some delivery and hey, the waffle maker Keef ordered has arrived earlier than expected.

Belgium Waffles1©BondingTool“Weeee”, we’re like children receiving a toy we’ve been anticipating and very quickly we got to cleaning the iron and taking out ingredients needed for waffles. Flour – checked. Milk – checked. Egg – checked. We’re good to go.

Belgium Waffles2©BondingToolKeef said to follow the package’s instructions but he did not follow his own rule. The instruction was “do not pour more than one cup of batter” but he did.

Belgium Waffles3©BondingToolSo we had lopsided shares. One “under-battered” waffle and one bursting.

Belgium Waffles4©BondingToolThis pancake waffle mix is made of spelt flour. The manufacturer recommended only egg and milk. So ok, we broke the rule again and sprinkled some salt.

Belgium Waffles5©BondingToolThe first more than one cup waffle overflowed and although the outside was crispy enough, the centre was too doughy. We seriously need salt, sugar and some melted butter in the dough (even though we can have toppings later), I think having some of them in the batter now will enhance the flavour, texture and colour.

040-IMG_9433Keef likes his waffles with Maple. We did have ice cream in the freezer but we’re keeping our appetite for Lok Lok.

047-IMG_9442This Lime marmalade was left behind by one of Keef’s tenant and it’s one of the best jam I’ve ever tasted.


Recipe on the package that we used (makes 2):
1 cup Sunny Boy Spelt Pancake & Waffle Mix
1 Egg
¾ cup Milk

OR you can try my waffle pandan recipe here and milo recipe here.

Happy ironing 🙂

4 Responses to “Time to Iron”
  1. Lyn says:

    Hello! Where did you purchase your waffle maker from? I’m interested in getting one. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Sam Han says:

    Hi Lyn, my friend bought from the link I gave you. What other two sellers? If they are the same brand and model then maybe you should get from the cheaper source.

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