Chicken Curry 咖喱雞

Chicken CurryChicken curry is one of our family’s staple diet simply because it fulfils 3 things on my list as the home chef:
1. Simple to prepare and fast to cook (15 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes cooking time)
2. Spicy (the spices used here actually have a lot of nutritional and healing properties)
3. Compliments to the cook. This easy dish is definitely a crowd pleaser! 🙂
Now you know why chicken curry is almost always present in an Asian house party.

There are many variations… Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Straits Peranakan (Nonya) and of course, the Singapore style chicken curry. However, the spices used are very similar except for a few tweak here and there. In Melbourne, I usually buy packaged or bottled curry paste when cooking this dish. Here are some pictures of the curries I have cooked and the ingredients used.

Chicken Curry3©BondingToolChicken Curry with Kaffir Limes Leaves and Fried Shallots with Coconut Milk.

Chicken Curry4©BondingToolIndian Style Curry with lots of Curry Leaves, Onions and Tomatoes. No Coconut Milk. Slightly watery.

Chicken Curry5©BondingToolSingapore Style Curry with Potatoes and Coconut Milk.

Chicken Curry6©BondingToolEat with fresh crusty French Loaf or

Chicken Curry7©BondingToolserve with Thai Jasmine Rice sprinkled some Fried Shallots.

Chicken Curry8©BondingToolWe usually have a side plate of light or dark soy dipping sauce for the chicken and potatoes.

Chicken Curry9©BondingTool Are you hungry yet?

Prima Singapore Curry Chicken©BondingTool Everything you need is inside this kit. Just buy some chicken and potatoes. Follow instructions on the back on the box.

Spices©BondingToolCurry-LeavesFried Shallots Small Red Onions©BondingToolCoconut Milk©BondingTool
Thumbnails photos:
1. Freshly milled spices from the vendor (tell him how much you want to cook, i.e. 1kg meat, and he will give you the right amount of milled and whole spices).
2. Curry Leaves (Photo Credit: Google Images) for Indian style curry.
3. Fried Shallots, optional, but they really enhances the flavour.
4. Coconut Milk – substitute with Evaporated Milk if desired.

Incorporate any or all of these below into your chicken curry:
Chopped tomatoes lends a tangy refreshing taste.
Cabbage for crunch.
Cilantro Roots or Whole plant – extra oomph!
Lemongrass, bottom whitish part of the plant, bashed for citrusy fragrance.
Tumeric powder if you like vibrant “orange” curry colour.
Candlenuts, ground into paste for brighter curry colour and slight nutty flavour.

You may use whole chopped chicken or any chicken parts. I use a lot of chicken wings in my cooking as they are cheap in QVM – AUD12 for 4kg compared to AUD12.99 for a 1kg whole bird.

Tip: Do not cover the pot during cooking. Put the lid on the pot for 10 minutes or more after turning off the heat for the curry flavour to fully develop.

Tip for Leftovers:
Remove bones and dice/shred the meat and potatoes and continue to cook till curry is dry but still moist. Chill them in fridge to harden and wrap them as fillings in 1) Spring Roll Wrappers to make Samosa triangles – deep-fry till golden 2) Puff Pastry to make Curry Puffs and bake them at 180°C for 15min till pastry is done or according to the puff pastry manufacturer’s instructions.

Chicken Curry Singapore Style.

Chicken Curry Singapore Style.

Happy cooking 🙂

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  1. Rahburt says:

    take it off the bone for me and i’m so in, ha 🙂

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