We Like It Haute!

Green Pepper Red Pepper On our table were (not in particular order) Basmati Rice, Butter Chicken, Chicken Classic Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Vindaloo, Gilafi Kebab, Chicken Tikka with Tandoori Spices, Daal Makhani, Naan, Naan with Garlic, Lassi and Mango Lassi. We almost always order the same dishes. We should be more adventurous with our taste buds next time 🙂

Chicken Tikka and Garlic Naan Red Pepper©BondingToolButter Chicken - Tandoori-baked boneless chicken in a masala gravy Red Pepper©BondingToolChicken Classic Curry Red Pepper©BondingToolChicken Classic Curry1 Red Pepper©BondingToolChicken Tikka Masala Red Pepper©BondingToolChicken Tikka Masala1 Red Pepper©BondingToolDaal Makhani Red Pepper©BondingToolChicken Curry Red Pepper©BondingToolLassi Red Pepper©BondingToolLassi Red Pepper2©BondingToolMango Lassi Red Pepper©BondingTool24h Red Pepper©BondingTool316544_10151202559837880_750515342_nNaan Red Pepper©BondingToolChicken Gilafi Kebab Red Pepper1©BondingToolDinner Red Pepper©BondingToolDinner Red Pepper1©BondingToolLunch Red Pepper1©BondingToolNaan, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Classic Curry and Daal Makhani Red Pepper©BondingToolLunch Red Pepper©BondingToolOutdoor Red Pepper©BondingToolRed Pepper©BondingToolGreen Pepper©BondingToolI love South Indian cuisine but that’s a bit kind of a treasure hunting in Melbourne. South Indian cuisine uses stronger spices which I like very much but my children prefer the more subtle and sophisticated taste of North Indian cuisine. In order to satisfy our curry cravings, we go to Red Pepper often.

Jagjeet Kaur (originally from the Punjab village of Phillaur) is the kernel of Red Pepper – a family-run Indian restaurant at the Parliament end of Bourke Street. Be it Red Pepper or Green Pepper (the more formal of the siblings), their philosophy is to bring the best of the delicacies from all corners of India in a modern context at affordable prices. It is, therefore, not surprising Red Pepper won the “Cheap Eats Award 2012”.

P.S. Their daily operation hours: 9am – 3am

Red Pepper on Urbanspoon

Happy dining 🙂

3 Responses to “We Like It Haute!”
  1. Rahburt says:

    jealous, ha. i love hot food 🙂

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