Not Just An Old Tram Stop

Not Just An Old Tram StopMART 130

Take Tram 96 to Mart 130©BondingTool Take Tram 96 on the opposite side of GPO on Bourke Street towards St. Kilda’s Beach.

2013-01-11 13.57.08 Tram 96 – Destination Tram Stop 130.

Otw to Mart 130©BondingTool Even though it was my 3rd trip there, I’d stupidly got off at stop 128. Instead of waiting for the next tram, I decided to walk and came across this path which has quite a tranquil scenery and an asylum from the scorching 41*C that day! Nope, I did not walk all the way to 130 – I found 129 and hopped on the next tram, phew 🙂

Origin of Name Mart 130©BondingToolMART 130 is located in a converted old station master’s building at tram stop number 130 Middle Park…

Mart 130and easily qualifies as one of Melbourne’s most charming cafes.

Ice Coffee Mart 130©BondingTool Vanessa and Ray went by their Fixies and were ahead of me since I alighted at the wrong stop. They had Ice Coffee which incidentally has no ice but Ice Cream.

Life Mart 130©BondingTool Table setting outside the cafe.

Lunch Over Mart 130©BondingTool By the time I arrived, brunch crowd had eased.

Fire Place Mart 130©BondingTool A fireplace inside the cafe – I wonder if they ever got lit during winter.

Mart 130©BondingTool-001 An old toy truck put to good use… transporting spices.

Biggest Table Inside Mart 130©BondingTool The setting on the biggest table inside the cafe – time stands still in this quaint cafe.

Menu Mart 130©BondingTool Brunch is the biggest draw here with lots of breakfast items on the menu.

Alfresco Seating Mart 130©BondingTool Ray and Vanessa having breakfast on her 21st birthday 🙂 We sat on the veranda overlooking the tennis courts in  Albert Park.

Vany 21 Bday Brekkie at Mart 130©BondingTool Ray, Van, myself and my brother, Nic (who flew in from Singapore to attend Van’s up coming graduation then).

Mart 130 Big Breakfast with Spinach 1Ray’s Big Breakfast – home-cooked Baked Beans, slivers of Chorizo and Sausages, Mushrooms, thick Bacon strips, fried Eggs on thick Sourdough Organic Toast  with Spinach.

Mart 130 Big Breakfast 1 Nic’s Big Breakfast – home-cooked Baked Beans, slivers of Chorizo and Sausages, Mushrooms, thick Bacon strips, fried Eggs on thick Sourdough Organic Toast.

Mart 130 Smoked Haddock Kedgeree Smoked Haddock Kedgeree with Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce is a winner!

Mart 130 Smoked Haddock Kedgeree 2 This is really delicious and I finished every single grain of the rich flavoured rice.

Corn Fritters with Salmon Mart 130©BondingTool The most lauded oven-roasted fresh plump sweet corn fritters…

Corn Fritters with Salmon Goat Cheese and Beet Mart 130©BondingTool stacked below a bed of Smoked Salmon, some capers, onions, beets and a dollop of sour cream.

Mart 130 Triple Stack Pancakes 2 The pancakes looks great but instead of being light and fluffy…

Triple Stack Thick Pancakes Mart 130©BondingTool they were thick and doughy 😦

Chilling Out 2 in Mart 130©BondingTool Familiar faces at MART 130.

2013-01-11 13.38.36Place is great, service is friendly.

Payment Counter Mart 130©BondingToolPayment terms: Cash only.

Mart 130 SweetsSweet for my sweet.

Mart 130 Muffins They serve Genovese Coffee.

Mart 130 Skinny LatteSkinny Latte.

Coffee Mart 130©BondingToolEnjoying a cuppa before leaving for…

Time to Go Mart 130©BondingToolthe hustle and bustle of the city.

P.S. Pictures are compiled from 2 of my 3 visits.

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