Börek Bakehouse

Borek Bakehouse

As promised in my previous Turkish Bakehouse post, I went back to say “Merhaba” to the chef and bought myself the Cheese & Spinach and Spicy Lamb Gözleme AUD6 each from Börek Bakehouse on Elizabeth Street.

This time round, I remembered to ask the young man behind the counter to warm them up. He was very obliging and made it hot on the flat pan for me. It was so hot I could not eat them immediately and so I brought them home. They were still hot upon arrival at my apartment and while waiting for them to cool off a little more, I had time to take some pictures of them.

Turkish Bagel Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolAssorted Böreks and Turkish Bagels.

Turkish Bagel1 Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolTurkish Bagels – I bet they taste fantastic with some Philly cream cheese 🙂

Turkish Bread at Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolTurkish Bread Rolls.

Filled Bread Rolls at Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolTurkish rolls filled with Spinach and Eggs.

Assorted Borek at  Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolCheese and Spinach, Spicy Lamb, and Spicy Potatoes Böreks.

Lamb Borek at Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolSpicy Lamb Börek.

Gozleme at Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolAssorted Gözleme.

Gozleme1 at Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolFreshly made Gözleme with superb fillings.

Gozleme2 at Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolMy Gözleme being warmed up on the hotplate.

Gozleme Cheese and Spinach Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolCheese & Spinach and Spicy Lamb Gözleme. Still piping hot when I brought them home.

Gozleme Cheese and Spinach1 Borek Bakehouse ©BondingToolThe Gözleme has a very light and chewy texture which is impeccable! I do not really like the Spicy Lamb as I found it a bit “gamey” (but that’s me), however, the spiciness is to my liking. I loved the Cheese and Spinach very much and will be back for more. One Gözleme is enough to fill me up for lunch. From now on, the Börek Bakehouse will be my supplier for Börek, Bagels and Gözleme 😀

P.S. Their service is excellent!

The Borek Bakehouse on Urbanspoon

Happy eating 🙂

4 Responses to “Börek Bakehouse”
  1. blackrhodesbedroom says:

    Looks really delicious, love it!

  2. Sharon says:

    You should try the boreks located in Queen Vic market! They’re in the deli section and they’re always busy when I go there 🙂

    • bondingtool says:

      We usually buy our böreks in QVM before this shop opened. I totally agree they sell very good ones. I have not tasted any börek in this shop but I really like the way they prepare their gözleme here. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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