Courage and Determination

Courage and Determination

Hi, I’m Lizzie.
I have an undiagnosed syndrome.
Only 3 people in the world have it.
I was told I would never amount to anything.
Everyday is a struggle.
Being judged by strangers isn’t easy.
In high school I was labeled “The World’s Ugliest Woman” on Youtube.
The video has over 4 million hits
…and it’s only 8 seconds long.
The comments tell me to do the world a favour and put a gun to my head.
They refer to me as an “it” and a “monster”.
I read every single comment.
I wanted to make them feel as low as they made me feel.
I decided to fight back in a different way.
Instead I set 4 goals for myself
Motivational speaking
Publish a book
Graduate college
Have a family and career of my own.
My journey has not been easy
But I’m proud to say by the age of 22
I’m on my 6th year of motivational speaking.
I published my first book called Lizzie Beautiful.
I’m currently working on my second book – Be Beautiful, Be You.
And… I will be graduating college in a few months!
Remember that awful video about me?
I didn’t sink down to their level.
Instead I got my revenge through my accomplishments and determination.
In the battle between The World’s Ugliest Woman video vs Me…
I think I WON!!

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Lizzie was 4 weeks pre-matured and weighed only 2 pounds 10 ounces. She was so tiny her mom said she had to buy her Cabbage Patch dolls’ clothes from Toys “R” Us stores. The doctors were not hopeful that Lizzie would crawl, walk, talk or even think, let alone live a normal life. Against all odds, Lizzie thrived. Now 23 years old, Lizzie has given more than 200 workshops on embracing uniqueness, dealing with bullies and overcoming obstacles. And she did it with 3 “F”s – Faith, Family & Friends.

Lizzie Velasquez with FamilyLizzie with her parents and siblings in the park.

Lizzie in Interview with Dr Drew“The stares are what I’m really dealing with in public right now”

Lizzie Motivational Speaker GymStand up to bullying!

Lizzie Motivational SpeakerIn her own words, “I REFUSE to let those idiots think they defeated me! IT GETS BETTER!!!”

Lizzie Source of Courage and DeterminationThank you Lizzie for sharing with us Courage and Determination.

Lizzie BeautifulLizzie’s first book was published in 2010 – winning the hearts of people all over the world.

Lizzie BooksLizzie published 2 books and a 3rd is on the way!

Be Beautiful Be You Lizzie VelasquezLizzie’s second book was published in September.

Lizzie with Family ChristmasLizzie spending Christmas with her family.

Lizzie with Family Christmas Tree

More about Lizzie Velasquez
All pictures taken from Lizzie’s Facebook and the internet.

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