Speedy Tacos!

Speedy Tacos!

“Are you ready, mom? I’m running late. If you want to have lunch with me before I report for work, we have to do it now!”

It’s a lazy Saturday and I’d just woken up. What does she expect, a Speedy Gonzales meal?
Ding Ding Ding…
And why not???

Ray and I quickly washed up and put on our shoes. It’s time to go if we want to bond a.k.a catch up over lunch. Vanessa’s been working late, editing her work mostly, with Manal, till the wee hours sometimes returning home at 5am or later.

We took the tram to Melbourne Central on Swanston Street even though it was only one stop away but we had no time. Upon arrival, Ray instinctively choped (reserved) a table outside while Vany and I strutted into this Mexican fast food place called Guzman Y Gomes Mexican Taqueria. I was stunned for a while staring at the slushy thing whirling in the beverage tub.

Me: “Is that frozen margarita?”
V: “Yes, mom.”
Me: “Any alcohol inside?”
V: “Yes, but you can only buy that with food orders.”
Me: “I thought this is a family restaurant.”
V: “Would you like to have one?”
Me: “Er… tempting… nope” (I just woke up and that would be the first beverage down my throat if I relented. I didn’t want my child (21 yr old) to think I’m alcoholic :p)
Me: “Ok, what’s good? I think I only recognise burritos.”
V: “Ray and I are having Barramundi and Chicken Tacos.”
Me: “Isn’t that a bit difficult to eat?” (I’m thinking taco chips here)
V: “Nope, they are soft tacos. Like tortilla wraps.”
Me: “Ok, then I’ll take that too. Chicken and Pork for me.”

We placed our orders – Beef, Chicken, Fish and Pork (Mad Mex, a restaurant selling similar food, doesn’t have Barramundi) Tacos and Guacamole (add $2) and yup, a Beef Nachos too. The counter staff offered us a loyalty card after telling Vanessa that she’d seen V here a couple of times. What a nice gesture! We took our order number stand and proceeded to the sauce station where 3 types of Tabasco sauces, salt and pepper, green jalapenos, chopped cilantro, chopped onions, toothpicks and wet wipes were found. Amazing! I like this restaurant already

Guzman Y Gomez2©BondingToolGuzman Y Gomes Mexican Taqueria

Football Guzman Y Gomez©BondingTool
Anyone up for a game?

Order Station Guzman Y Gomez©BondingTool What shall we order?

Service Counter Guzman Y Gomez©BondingToolFriendly staff and fast service

Kitchen Guzman Y Gomez©BondingToolThe kitchen looks clean and organized

Sauca Station Guzman Y Gomez©BondingTool
The sauce counter

Inside Guzman Y Gomez2©BondingTool Inside the restaurant from where the sauce station is

Inside Guzman Y Gomez1©BondingTool As you enter on your left

Beef Nachos1 Guzman Y Gomez1©BondingTool
Beef Nachos Guzman Y Gomez1©BondingTool
Beef Nachos with Guacamole

Chicken Tacos Guzman Y Gomez1©BondingToolChicken Tacos Guzman Y Gomez3©BondingToolChicken Tacos Guzman Y Gomez4©BondingToolChicken Tacos

Beef Steak Tacos Guzman Y Gomez1©BondingTool Beef Steak Taco

Fish Tacos Guzman Y Gomez©BondingTool Barramundi (top) and Pork Tacos

Barramundi Pork Chicken Tacos Guzman Y Gomez02©BondingToolTacos with Salsa – buy Guacamole as a side

Barramundi Pork Chicken Tacos Guzman Y Gomez1©BondingToolBarramundi – Pork – Chicken

Ray at Guzman Y Gomez©BondingToolOur votes go to Barramundi and Chicken!

Vany at Guzman Y Gomez©BondingToolYumz 🙂

Guzman Y Gomez Mexican Taqueria Swanston Street on Urbanspoon

Happy eating 🙂

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