Turkish Bakehouse

Turkish DelightBörek Bakehouse

I have always loved carbohydrates and dough is something I cannot resist. I can eat all kinds of it – simple bread with peanut butter and jelly, pizza, donuts, pretzels, roti pratha, naan, you name it, I’ll eat it.

I did not notice this shop last year but lately on my weekly marketing trips along Elizabeth Street to Queen Victoria Market (QVM), I’ve noticed this lady rolling fresh dough by the display window. There’s no sign board to announce its cuisine never mind a Turkish Bakehouse, until recently. For me, it’s just another eatery that serves pizza and “western spring rolls”. Sometimes, you can see display of bagel like breads but always, always, you will see Gözleme (a name I’d just learnt) on the display. However, the item that attracted me most is the Zucchini Patties next to the array of handsome looking Gözleme. There is a famous börek stall in QVM that Valerie, my elder daughter, patronised when she was studying here, so I have no reason to stop by a shop to get a taste of börek plus I am thinking this shop would cost me more. I have asked Vany about the breads here a number of times (in fact, each time we passed by) but never stopping to buy anything. Today however, I decided to indulge myself and asked out loud, “Do you want a fritter?” to which Vanessa replied, “no, but you buy it, mom”. Ray also wanted the “vegetable thingy” and so I marched in and bought 2 Zucchini Patties which cost me AUD $1.50 a piece. They looked delicious and I was even excited while waiting for my package, and true enough, it tasted good! I only had one qualm though, I would have preferred it warmer. Perhaps, I’ll ask them to heat it up for me next time.

Borek Bakehouse 1 ©BondingToolBorek Bakehouse 2 ©BondingToolBorek Bakehouse 3 ©BondingToolBorek Bakehouse 5 ©BondingTool

I am definitely going back to say “Merhaba” to the chef and to sink my teeth into one of their Cheese and Spinach Börek AUD $3 and Spicy Lamb Gözleme AUD $6. By the way, the word “Gözleme” orginates from the word “Goz” which means “eye” as in the little brown round “eyes” that appear as the pastry is being cooked. I saw that they have other savouries and sweets too 🙂

See how they make the simple flat bread here or
Watch an impressive Börek making show here

The Borek Bakehouse on Urbanspoon

Happy eating 🙂

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