Kiss 2012 Goodbye and Say Hello 2013!

Kiss 2012 Goodbye and Hello 2013!
Hello 2013! Happy New Year, Everyone:)

Hot Air Balloons Melbourne NYE Morning ©Bonding ToolHot Air Balloons Melbourne NYE Morning
I did not sleep the whole of last night, the eve of New Year’s Eve. I watched the sun set at the Docklands and I watched it rise again near Yarra River. The morning sky was grey and not promising. It threatened to rain but it did not. I guess heaven did not want to dampen the spirit of those in the Hot Air Balloons above Melbourne City; did not want to rob them of their joy especially on the last day of 2012. But the clouds were thick and heavy – I wondered if the people could see me waving at them, snapping away at them with my Android phone. Or am I just an ant below? Melbourne City must look amazing from high up there but then again I will never know. I am afraid of cold and heights. I saw spurts of flames under the balloons, is that enough to keep me warm? If so, I may take a ride one day, if I can conquer my fear of height in an open basket exposing myself to the elemental risk of nature. I tear myself away from the balcony, washed up and changed into some fresh clothes. I got out of the apartment and went shopping for onions (needed for lunch) and Turkish bread (for tonight’s dinner) at a local supermarket just below. How convenient!

Very soon, Ray would be awake. He had work today – the afternoon shift. I hurried back and started to cook Sambal Enam which he had requested the day before. Lunch was ready by 11.30am. We ate, all 3 of us – Ray, Vany and myself. Thereafter, I took a nap. No worries. Tonight’s dinner is simple and did not require tedious pre-cooking preparation. I slumbered like a log and in the distance in my mind, I heard “Mom? Mom…” It was Vanessa. I smiled inside. I wanted to play a trick on her. I tried to play possum. I held my breath thinking she may put a finger under my nose if I did not answer her. She came closer… then she sat on my bed. She called gently a few times more and I could see in my mind’s eye that she was worried. She held my hand and whispered “mom” a couple of times again. But I think I held my breath too long… and started gasping and laughing at the same time. I told her of my “evil” prank and she confessed that sticking out the finger was her next move. Alas the joke’s on me, for I was found wanting :p

Anyway, Vanessa wanted to tell me that Ray would be coming back soon and we should get the Steak with Mushroom Gravy ready by 7.45pm. We’ll eat and do the dishes. She tried to convince me to rent a bicycle (they’ve got their own Fixie) and cycle to Melbourne Docklands to catch the firework display – the final countdown to 2013 at midnight. And if the ice cream van is there, I might enjoy some gelato, too!


I’m glad I went 🙂


This is a much easier bike to handle comparing to the one I had on my birthday but still… the common denomination is me so that means I am core balance challenged. Watch out peeps!


Ray in a surreal environment! Look at the moon! The atmosphere is exhilarating! Anticipation in the air – where will the fireworks be???


Hey World, It’s Officially 2013 in Melbourne (GMT+10)!


Ray and I celebrating our first New Year in Melbourne (we’re always at different parts of the world).


The fireworks are everywhere around us (3 sides to view).


There’s fireworks in Young Lovers! Just look at their eyes 🙂


1 JANUARY 2013

photo courtesy of
The night view of Melbourne City – photo courtesy of

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