Fuss Free Turkey Recipe

Fuss free Turkey.

Fuss free Turkey.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Servings in general:
12-15 lb turkey for 10-12 people
15-18 lb turkey for 14-16 people
18-22 lb turkey for 20-22 people

Cooking time is about 15 minutes for every pound.

For the 12-15 lb turkey, start the cooking at 400*F (200*C) for the first 30 minutes. Then reduce the oven heat to 350*F (180*C) for the next 2 hours. Then reduce the heat further to 225*F (110*C) for the next 1 to 1.5 hours.

Test: When the breast is pierced with a knife in the thickest part, the juice should run clear NOT pink.

Happy cooking 🙂

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