Ying Thai 2

20121214_155735Thai Seafood Hotpot – You decide if you like it mild, medium, hot or hot hot!
YingThai2©BondingToolWe usually start with the tomyum seafood soup
Ying Thai 2 Rest Valerie studying the menu but she already knew what to order – our usual…
Green Curry Chicken©BondingToolAnd progress onto the curries and this time we’ve order Green Chicken Curry
Pad Gra Pow©BondingToolPad Krapow is a must – minced meat, in this case Pork with Thai holy basil
Crab Meat Curry©BondingToolCrab Meat Curry is so shiok! My only qualm, NOT ENOUGH CRAB 😦
Chinese Broccoli with Roast Pork©BondingToolKailan, Kale, Chinese Broccoli – same thing – makes a good side dish
My Thai on Plate©BondingToolThis is my Thai in a plate 🙂

Ying Thai 2 Rest1

Ying Thai 2 Rest2 Two thumbs up for Thai cuisine here 🙂

Ying Thai 2 on Urbanspoon

Still THE place to go for Thai!

Happy eating 🙂

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