Sambal Enam

Sambal Enam.

Sambal Enam.

Enam is 6 in Malay language and this sambal dish is aptly named for the main 6 ingredients put into the spicy sauce.

The ingredients I put into this dish are fried tempeh, fried taukwa, hard boiled eggs, baby octopus (scald in hot water), prawns (scald in hot water), fried ikan bilis in sambal tumis sauce. You may put whatever your taste buds can imagine 🙂

Heat some oil in pan and saute 1 big red onion (sliced) till translucent and add the sambal tumis. When oil floats to the top of the sambal, add the octopus and prawns, stir fry till almost cooked. Add the rest of the ingredients and toss till sambal is absorbed by them. Serve warm with steam rice.

Sambal Enam.

Sambal Enam.

2 Responses to “Sambal Enam”
  1. Sharifah says:

    Interesting. What are the ingredients, and where is it sold?

    • bondingtool says:

      Hi Sharifah

      I cooked this for my children in Melbourne when we were craving for something spicy.
      I have not seen this sold anywhere but I’ve updated the post so you can see the ingredients.
      You can add or minus any ingredients (i.e. long beans, squid, quail eggs, etc…etc…) you want using the sambal tumis sauce as base 🙂

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