The Grandfather Clock is quite a feature at the bar.
  • The power of food as a bonding tool – use it to create a meaningful relationship!

  • “Cooking is not about being the best or most perfect cook, but rather it is about sharing the table with family and friends.” ~ Skye Gyngell

    Restaurants and food reviews reflect my personal taste experience. One man's meat is another man's poison. What I like and dislike may be in conflict with your opinion. To each his own.

    The recipes I provide have been tried, tested and adjusted to my family's preference. On seasoning of food; when in doubt, less is more.

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The Grandfather Clock is quite a feature at the bar.

It’s A Long One!

My caption on the photo below went like this in facebook, “Uber busy these days but I finally got down for a quick meal with a super sweet friend who took pic of our lunch. There were 3 sliders but my hungry friend took one, hahas… Guess where was I this afternoon?” Some readers and … Continue reading

Nana Teh Tarik at 65 Killiney Road.

Nana Teh Tarik @ Killiney Road

It was about 2am in the morning when Vanessa came in to ask if I wanted to join them for supper. “What are you going to have?” “Roti prata.” “At Upper Bukit Timah?” I was thinking that that was the only 24 hours operating place near our house. The other at River Valley was nearby … Continue reading

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant @ Novena Gardens 香港街餐馆
Address: #01-01, Novena Gardens.
273 Thomson Road.
Singapore 307644.

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant @ Novena Gardens 香港街餐馆

Hong Kong Street is a very common name when it comes to cze char stalls that serves mainly Cantonese home-style cooking even if they offer dishes of other Chinese dialect origin for example the Teochew Steam Fish or Fried Hokkien Mee. – Sam Han (The Bonding Tool) Aptly named “Family” restaurant, you will see more … Continue reading

Teochew Fish Porridge-0436

Teochew Fish Porridge Recipe 潮州鱼糜 (潮州鱼粥)

Teochew Fish Porridge 潮州鱼糜 (粥) is a rustic dish made of clear broth on rice with thick fish slices, usually spanish mackerel. It is something I eat when I am not feeling well and still want something robust on my palate. In Singapore, it is also a favourite dish served to the young toddlers and … Continue reading

This photo was shot from their menu. It showed the how food is prepared from the "aquarium" kitchen.

Din Tai Fung Restaurant 鼎泰豐 @ MBS

We don’t always get good shots or good food during/after a photography outing but having good company is usually a certainty! Photographers (hobbyist and professionals) can be quirky and hot tempered but you get to form your own group with choice peeps whenever there’s a walkabout session. In this instance, I had great company although … Continue reading

Dad is a very simple and down-to-earth kind of guy but he is passionate about a lot of things and keen on learning. Did I mention he make his own Sudoku puzzles?

Home Is Where My Dad Is

Usually, a “reunion” dinner is served on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival just before the indulgence of mooncakes, pomelo and Chinese tea, but my dad cooked us lunch on Sunday knowing that we’ll all be working on Monday. Valerie came into my room and announced that it was time to go to Gong Gong’s house … Continue reading

Traditional Mooncakes are baked.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋节快乐!

Popularly coined as The Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 should not be confused with Yuan Xiao Jie 元宵节 also known as The Lantern Festival, which marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. Mid-Autumn Festival (zhōng qiu jié, 中秋節) a.k.a. Mooncake Festival, falls on 8th September this year. Coinciding with the autumn equinox, this official … Continue reading

Gardens by The Bay from a distance.

From A Distance!

I went to Gardens by The Bay (GBTB). Actually, I did not step foot in it. I was in an area not quite within the compound, to capture some Mid Autumn Festival Fireworks photos. I met some friends at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and they brought me through a “maze” to get to this place. “Some … Continue reading

Delighting Me Always! :D

Delighting Me Always!

Aforetime, in English, it was alternatively known as Lumps of Delight! This dessert is slightly exotic and is known by many people who have read the book “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”. This would do well for a tea party, a holiday party, or even if you just wanted to surprise someone. – … Continue reading

Hill Street Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee.

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle 吊桥头大华猪肉粿条

Started at Hill Street in 1932 before moving to Marina Square in 1986 and finally settling down at the current location in Crawford Lane (since 2005), Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle 吊桥头大华猪肉粿条 is a household name when it comes to Bak Chor Mee (minced pork noodle – BCM). However, eating from a popular stall … Continue reading


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