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  • “Cooking is not about being the best or most perfect cook, but rather it is about sharing the table with family and friends.” ~ Skye Gyngell

    Restaurants and food reviews reflect my personal taste experience. One man's meat is another man's poison. What I like and dislike may be in conflict with your opinion. To each his own.

    The recipes I provide have been tried, tested and adjusted to my family's preference. On seasoning of food; when in doubt, less is more.

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Rochor Centre 梧槽坊

Rochor Centre (梧槽坊) is a building in Singapore built by the Housing and Development Board. It was built and completed in 1977. Rochor Centre is bound by Rochor and Ophir Roads and Queen Street in the south of Singapore, just outside of the Central Business District. There are total of 4 blocks (Blocks 1 through … Continue reading

Pork Knuckle Stewed In Assam Pedas Ikan

Benny has been bugging me about eating fatty food of all types. I think he has a secret mission to either get his or my artery choked! I gave up and gave in to his latest request – Pork Knuckles (PK). It was Ricky’s day off from work so he joined us in this makan … Continue reading

Let There Be Light!

Let there be Light! Yup, Light is everything in photography. Where there’s light, there’s shadow and darkness, too. What’s the story, seen and unseen? Let your imagination take flight! I was at the Canon Photomarathon yesterday. Didn’t win anything but gain lots of fun and experience! Met a lot of friends there and had dinner … Continue reading

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Rich & Good Cake Shop With An Attitude!

Quote taken from yesterday’s post: Hmmm… Oh well, I’m definitely going back to get some strawberry and coffee rolls from Mdm Lily Liu! You interested, Benny?!! I wasn’t very sure about the nagging feeling… Did I really liked it or was it just a fleeting temptation? I had to find out! So Benny and I … Continue reading

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Yesterday, I had an appointment with a visiting Indonesian friend. We knew we were going to meet after 3pm but we did not know where and when exactly. He had several meetings and could not be contacted when I left the house. Since I was early, I went to Sejong Korean Language School. In the … Continue reading

The Coastal Settlement

The Coastal Settlement

The first time I got to hear about The Coastal Settlement (TCS) was my very first photography outing in April 6th 2013 (Saturday), “When 19’s Not A Crowd!” This place, therefore, had some sentimental value for me in my hobbyist photography journey. I was one of the appointed hosts. Yup, Semi is moi :D but … Continue reading

Kimchi Jjigae 김치찌개 Recipe

Kimchi Jjigae 김치찌개 Recipe

Sam’s mom (she’s Korean) makes a mean kimchi and whenever she gives me us some, we would allow it to ferment in the fridge. What I meant was that by allowing the kimchi to ferment, we are giving it time to ripen or mature. I have often stressed that taste is very subjective since it … Continue reading

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict & Gordon Ramsay’s Hollandaise Recipes

Remember Chef Sam who cooked Chicken Roulade (recipe link below) for us last year? Well, he’s “graduated” to cooking breakfasts and suppers for us, too! Hahaha… Recipe for Eggs Benedict (serves 2): Ingredients for Eggs Benedict: 4 large Eggs, must be fresh. 2-3 tablespoons Distilled Vinegar (can use flavoured vinegar or substitute with lemon juice, … Continue reading

Eighteen Chefs

One More Chance @ Eighteen Chefs

I am a member in Pink Photographers Singapore, a Facebook group managed by Ourshutterjourney LLP, with 536 (currently and still growing) female photographers; for us to share photos, experiences, photography tips & techniques. On October 16th 2014, a food photography event was organised for the ladies. It was Pink’s 1st outing and the event was … Continue reading

Finally we got our shots :)

The Bakery Chef

Coffee culture is growing in Singapore and little cafes are sprouting up everywhere. Where they were once confined in Orchard Road, they are now available anywhere there’s human traffic. The dense and dry Red Velvet here failed to impress me but their Rainbow Cake was definitely better than the more expensive (S$12) and vibrant-looking cake … Continue reading


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