Brisket King Beef Noodles @ Food Republic Shaw House
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  • “Cooking is not about being the best or most perfect cook, but rather it is about sharing the table with family and friends.” ~ Skye Gyngell

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Brisket King Beef Noodles @ Food Republic Shaw House

Brisket King Beef Noodles @ Food Republic Shaw House

Every Sunday is movie night but this activity was suspended recently as Valerie and Ryan are busy with the expansion of their school and wedding preparations. I was a little, sob sob… Okay, okay, I was in fact, very upset! One night, after Valerie got home from work, she found some time for me, so … Continue reading

Stall number 12.
老街麵擋 translates to Old Street Noodle Stall.

Maxwell Food Centre

Making 100 friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand by your side even hundreds are against you. – Anonymous I had two angels with me yesterday. We finished our project and went on our way to eat. Z had eaten a few hours ago at the … Continue reading

Old Street Bak Kut Teh (老街肉骨茶) at Funan Digitalife Mall.

Old Street Bak Kut Teh 老街肉骨茶

Live today for today only as you cannot change yesterday or begin to understand tomorrow. I could never understand life or what it throws at me. I only know that Someone up there likes me a lot; bails me out each time I’m in hot soup and picks me up whenever I fall. Once in … Continue reading

Aux Beaux Arts

Aux Beaux Arts @ MGM Macau 美高梅

On the second night of my most recent Macau trip, we dined in Aux Beaux Arts @ MGM Macau 美高梅. CLASSIC. CULTURED. PARISIAN. Inspired by 1930s French brasseries, Aux Beaux Arts is a celebration of artistically prepared French cuisine. Bask in warm sunshine over high tea on our sunlit terrace or settle into the comfort … Continue reading

Joo Seng Teochew Porridge 裕成潮州糜

Flies And Lies

WARNING: Do not continue reading this post if you are entomophobic. I fell sick after consuming too much durians. I guess my body is not used to the “heatiness”. Paul was alarmed when I told him that the night we met for Supermoon. He defended, “Don’t tell me you were sick because of the durians. … Continue reading

Zhi Qi enjoying his share of Pissaladiere.

Poulet – French vs Italian!

I was given a free ticket to the Singapore Selection VS Juventus FC 16 Aug 2014 game held at our new Sports Hub at Kallang, Singapore. It was the first time I did the “Wave” as well as being assigned to looked after Zhi Qi, Seow Hong’s 8 year old son (haven’t been entrusted to … Continue reading

Naam Thai Restaurant, Macau.

Naam Thai Restaurant Grand Lapa Resort Macau 灆泰國菜餐廳

The plane landed in Macau on time but we were stranded at the airport. The weather was terribly bad with the typhoon looming. All ground personnel at the runway were recalled to safety inside the terminal buildings. My fellow passengers were frantically whipping out their handphones rescheduling appointments, instructing hotel drivers or advising family members … Continue reading

Singapore's Flag Meaning: The Crescent Moon represents a young nation on the ascendant, and the 5 Stars depict Singapore's ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. Red means universal brotherhood and equality of man and the White means purity and virtue.

The Meaning of Singapore Flag!

I had just acquired a new technique called blending in Photoshop from my friends and like any new things I’d learnt, I tend to get swept away with excitement and exaggerate things. Here’s 2 renditions where I applied it outrageously: Singapore Flag: Red means universal brotherhood and equality of man and, the White means purity … Continue reading

Supermoon in Singapore 11th August 2014 (2:54:24am)


The fireworks photos I took at our National Day Parade (9th August) did not turn out as nice as I had hoped for so after everyone has packed, I continued to do some shooting and this time, my attention was on the moon. The skies were clear with little or no cloud that night and … Continue reading

Tanjong Rhu Pau & Confectionery

Tanjong Rhu Pau & Confectionery 丹戎禺包点

The Kim Kee Wanton Mee and Kway Chap meal we had at Block 4A Jalan Batu Market & Food Centre was not bad but it was just ordinary. In my humble opinion, it’s just not worth queueing up for 20 minutes but that’s just me. As evidenced in my recent trip, there were people willing … Continue reading


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